Jim has over 30 years' experience on handyman projects, starting in his own homes and progressing to part time work for other people. Over these years, he has built up an inventory of all of the tools and equipment needed to support this business, including a fully equipped woodworking shop. The shop and stationary and portable tools have an approximate value of $30,000. This allows him to repair, restore, and refinish all items of furniture, as well as build any custom pieces required for a project. He is self-taught, but has taken many courses in woodworking and furniture restoration. He is proficient in plumbing and electrical, and has taken on projects that have been passed by the appropriate inspection agencies.

Is it possible that some things are hereditary? My known family history includes my Grandfather Julius. He came to Canada and ended up being a professional handyman! Family history says that he built the first 3 homes on their street – by hand! The only help he got was digging the foundations! Hard to believe and maybe impossible to prove. He also supported his family by riding up and down Avenue Road from Lawrence south to Eglinton on a huge old bicycle with a monstrous carrier. It held all of the tools he would need for the day. He knew pretty much every homeowner on that whole stretch of road!

Jules son, Joe (my uncle) also turned out to be a handyman. He moved to Hamilton so I never got to know him well but he did all of the renovations to his own home and helped out tremendously around the neighborhood and at the local legion. He is fondly remembered around his old stomping grounds. Every time I pull a cordless screw driver or air nailer out, I think about my grandfather and what it took to do what I do now. He did it all by hand, every screw and nail! Every board cut with a handsaw! Every hole drilled with a brace and bit! Every project done with care and attention!